Bounty Program for Mysterium Network Node Runners (Bounty Program Ended)

We are looking for early participants to test our MVP demo. You can take a chance and earn MYST coins by running Mysterium Node and serving VPN service as exit node thus allowing clients to connect to your Node.

Testing MVP will have 2 stages:
1. Test software and network. Early participants can calibrate their software so they are the first who have properly setup of their nodes.
2. Bounty program goes live, earning stakes exchanged into MYST coins starts here.

First stage started at 2017-05-10. At this stage no stakes of coins are being calculated. This is only preparation.
Second stage will start at 2017-05-22. It will last until 1 week after Mysterium Network Token Creation is over.

Currently MVP Node can be run only on Linux Ubuntu (14.04 tested) operating system.

Bounty Rules:
■ You must have public IP address, make sure your router allows this.
■ Anyone is able to connect to your Node as a client from outside.
■ You will get 100 stakes if you keep your Node running for 168 hours per week or less, proportionally to hours your Node is available. Each week will count as separate.
■ Each hour is accepted only if your Node is available to connect to and exit to Internet through it.
■ There are directly risks by running exit node and you should take care of it. Mysterium Network does not take any risks regarding to running exit node. You accept to take all responsibility for running exit node on your IP address.

How to participate?
1. Register at the form below.
2. Enter the IP Address of you machine that you plan to run Node on. It must be publicly available IP address!
3. Enter your Ethereum Wallet Address (will be used for bounty payouts, so please make sure you set one that you own).
4. Enter your Email. Please make sure double checking it. We may send confirmation link or info about your participation later.
5. Register. Please note that the page you will see next will be available only one time! The most important data here is NODE KEY, which you will use later. Take care of saving it.
6. Download & Install Node by following instructions here.
7. Use NODE KEY as a parameter when running Node.

If you have any questions regarding to MVP, feel free to join our Slack channel #MVP